Career Coaching

We are naturally adaptable and our Career Coaching process supports you through periods of professional transition, whether you are looking for a different job in your field, a new career altogether, or you want to go back to work after some time off.

Together we will identify your personal strengths and transferable skills so that you feel focused, encouraged, prepared, confident and finally ready to get out there.

Find a career path that fits both your professional aspirations and personal needs. Achieve work-life balance. Become a strong candidate.

Preparation is key and how you prepare does matter.


Life Coaching is a process of self-discovery. Our approach to Life Coaching is Strengths-Based.

The process aims at building a strong foundation by exploring your core values and beliefs. The environment is warm, safe, positive and nonjudgmental.

The goal is to achieve clarity and dissipate self-doubt.

We will assess the current reality, explore opportunities and discover new options.

You will become equipped to make decisions based on what is most valuable to you.

Sport & Wellness

The process combines coaching models and tools with Sport Psychology concepts and techniques.

We will work together to build up your motivation, plan realistically, transform frustration into adrenaline and have fun.

The state of mind we are in is a deciding factor.

We will work on how to handle emotions under pressure so that you enhance your existing skills, develop new ones, deal with anxiety and dissatisfaction, and achieve mental focus and results.

Corporate Training

ilaria coaching offers corporate training to small businesses and organisations.

Our focus is on the development of individual skills within a group setting to ultimately support team performance.