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Ilaria Dondero

I founded ilaria coaching out of a passion to continue my work internationally as a coach and trainer for both individuals and organisations. I work in Dublin and deliver corporate training in Ireland and abroad.

My professional expertise has a solid foundation in years of international experience within the corporate environment. Personal qualifications include: Masters Degree in Law; Higher Diploma in Business (DBS); Certified Master Coach Practitioner (PSG); Qualified Trainer (IITD).

The Process

The process at ilaria coaching is structured and dynamic, safe and strictly confidential. The coaching process is tailored to individual needs and circumstances: this is why the programme is unique to each client.

Our approach is action-oriented.

Each individual coaching process is designed only after a free initial consultation to understand each client's needs and expectations.

The process is both enjoyable and rewarding. You’ll get something concrete out of it. You can expect to get clarity, become excited about change and enjoy the transition you are experiencing. Your confidence and motivation will increase exponentially, as well as your physical and mental energy.

The standard process consists of 5 sessions, of 1hr each, usually every 10 days. However, this may vary depending on individual circumstances. Sessions are face to face. Phone or Skype sessions can be agreed. Continuous support is provided during the process.

Our services include: