ilaria coaching offers career & life coaching services and corporate training.

ilaria coaching offers tailored career & life coaching services to individuals as well as training programmes for small businesses and organisations. Our focus is on people development.

Specialist areas are: Career Change, Decision Making, Transition & Change Management, Building Self-Confidence.

ilaria coaching celebrates positive change and taking action to get clarity on your professional and personal objectives, create an effective plan to reach them, and stay focused and motivated in your commitment.

We support you during a period of professional and personal transition, when uncertainty and risk make you feel confused about what to do, not in control of your choices and not secure.

Without self-awareness and clarity it is a challenge to make positive, sustainable decisions. Together, we will work with your natural resourcefulness and flexibility so that you feel safe, reassured, in control, re-energised and ready to move forward, both in your professional career and in your personal life. This is at the heart of our structured and dynamic coaching process.

Most importantly, we want you to enjoy the adventure of self-discovery.


All our coaching services aim at supporting our clients during a period of professional and personal transition. When uncertainty and self-doubt hinder our decision-making ability, we believe positive actions need to be taken to regain clarity and self-confidence.



The process at ilaria coaching is structured and dynamic, safe and strictly confidential. Our approach is action-oriented.